The Author

Dan and Banit

My name is Daniel Levy.  I am a writer and an American football coach currently serving as the Head Coach of the Ancona Dolphins of the Italian Football League.  I graduated from Texas Christian University in 2006 and received my Masters of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Goddard College in 2012.  My experience with American football spans three continents where I have spent my career serving first as a player and now as a head coach.

A native of Alexandria, Louisiana, I first came into contact with American football overseas as a player/coach for the UL Vikings of the Irish American Football League.  To this day I consider my three seasons with the Vikings as the most pivotal point in my football career as I was able to be part of group that transformed a winless team into a national champion.

Levy playing for the University of Limerick Vikings (2007).

Playing for the University of Limerick Vikings (2007).

Following my career with the Vikings and a brief hiatus from the game, I returned to football, this time as a high school coach in Louisiana.  It was not long thereafter that I signed my first head coaching contract with the Kristiansand Gladiators, a Division 2 team competing in the Norwegian American Football Federation.  In just two seasons with the Gladiators, I was able to lead the team back into Europe’s top division and to their first National Championship game in the team’s 20 year history.

From Norway, my career brought me to Brazil where I became the Head Coach of the Vila Velha Tritoes. While with the Tritoes in 2014, I was honored by being named into the Touchdown Europe Hall of Fame shortly after my 30th birthday.

Along the way I have met some truly amazing people:


While I am proud of all I have experienced, the truth is that my story neither begins nor ends with these photos or a short bio page.  My experience is but one of many import experiences, and my story is our story.  It is the doubt, the uncertainty, the unknown; the adventure, the love, and the despair.  It is the game–not just the game of football, but rather this particular version of it, the one so far removed from the expected.  Far from home.  Far from familiar.  Far from ordinary.

This is our game.  This is our story.

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