Each and every year, thousands upon thousands of collegiate football players reach the end of their playing careers.  For the vast majority these young men–approximately 95% of NFL draft-eligible athletes–graduation marks the end of their journey.  A few may find their way into alternative professional leagues (Arena Football League, Canadian Football League) while others will cling desperately to any number of semi-professional teams looking to field a roster of weekend warriors.

But there is another option, one which requires fortune as well as fortitude; one that demands athleticism, but perhaps more importantly, a sense of adventure.

As of today, American football is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet.  From Norway to Russia; Australia to Brazil.  From the deserts of Kuwait to the mountains of Chile, American football is spreading.

It is in these far away lands that so many players find their second chance. Where coaches find their sense of adventure.  Where athletes become ambassadors, and what was once a game becomes something so much more.

To the local players, it is an obsession.  To the local cities, an enigma.  But to us, the imports, it is football.  Our love.  Our passion.  Our ticket to see the world.

The goal of this website is to tell these stories.  Bit by bit.  One piece at a time.  I hope to update with a new story every couple of weeks and ultimately capture the true experience of what it is to be an American football import.

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